usagi’s first reaction upon meeting the other senshi is basically “hot a what”

me constantly



It’s the first time someone has ever fallen off the Forbes's billionaires list because of how much they donated to charity.


The animation team behind Dangan Ronpa The Animation also worked on the special fully animated event scenes. In these 4 shots, you get a look at how she looks before Komaru begins running around everywhere in the game. However, there’s of course no trace of her family, only solid looking prison bars. Maybe she’s been imprisoned somewhere after the events of the first game?

(captions in images)


My Fancy Fefetasprite Cosplay that I wore on the 3rd day of Phoenix Comic Con. This costume took a lot of work but I’m happy with the results.

(Also if anyone knows of the original artiest who drew the idea please put there link here for original artwork please)

It’s me!! it is my design! I drew that fancysprite!! =;D!!
I recognised it because its so well done! =;3  and that you want to know the source of the design makes me happy TwT